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A Sequel, Ludum Dare 25, and Twitter

2012-12-10 16:09:38 by PeltastDesign

Hey people who fan'd me! At least, I think fans get notified when I post news. That's the point isn't it? I'm new to Newgrounds and there isn't really anything on the site that talks about that stuff.

I guess other people can read this if I post it on the front page, but I'm going to guess there won't be many of those.

Anyway you probably are a fan because of my game "Why Am I Dead". I'm basing this on the fact that it's the only thing I've ever submitted to Newgrounds. Well if you hadn't gleaned from my scattered blog posts or review responses or whatever, I wanna make a sequel to the game! A game that is longer, allows more time for a deeper mystery and deeper characters, as well as way, way more polish than I gave this first game. So that's cool, right? I never originally planned on following the game up with a sequel, but the response I've gotten from people both in and out of Newgrounds has led me to believe there's plenty of room left to explore, and that there's actually a demand. So, this is to a great extent because of your support!

If anyone cares, I'm also gonna be participating in the 25th Ludum Dare! That starts in about 4-5 days, and lasts for 2 days. So, in other words, in about 6-7 days you get another free game from me, guaranteed! I mean, it'll be an utter piece of shit, since it'll have been made in 48 hours, but still.


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2012-12-10 17:17:12

Can't wait for the LD, it's gonna be great.


2012-12-10 17:35:18

Your fans will see this post, but only if they click that little star icon in the header... They WILL see your Ludum Dare game right on the front page in their "Latest for your Favorites" box, though! All this crap will keep getting tightened up as things progress with all the feeds and favorites and now FRIENDS, have any friends yet?

I'll also be sure to set up a Ludum 25 page on NG!

PeltastDesign responds:

Ah, thanks for clearing that up! Not much in terms of friends yet. I'll pick this stuff up as I go, I guess.

Looking forward to getting something on that LD 25 page!


2013-05-18 23:58:10

And there was much rejoicing.

(Wow, I can comment? ) Anyway, I'm rejoicing.