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I got three endings, the bad one, Survivor and Hope in that order. Interesting that even though I was pretty clear on what was happening with May, I still went into the bad ending. I sort of assumed I had already locked myself into it by a certain point - maybe that was true, maybe not.

As others have mentioned this is a really hard subject to get right. During the conversations with May, I could really relate to both sides. Some dialogue options seemed better or worse for different reasons, and May's reaction to them also ranged from enthusiastic to uncomfortable. But, it's really hard to say...if that means anything? There's a big difference between what someone wants to hear and what they need to hear, and when they need crucial information or just support, and when they need space or intervention, etc etc etc, and so much of that depends on the person and situation in question. Some dialogue seemed really off to me, but I could see it being appropriate in other times and for other people.

Basically, I don't think it's really possible to simulate such an intimate conversation in any small amount of time. Any story or game that does handle all of these nuances is deserving of far more than a positive Newgrounds comment, at least. Some things are bound to seem out of place. Taken in a literal way, there are lots of problems or questions that come up, but I think that the thought and feeling behind this is very clear and I really appreciated it.

That all sounded a bit more back-handed than I intended, but I truly enjoyed this. Keep going!

For others having problems with the game running slowly - I tried Chrome/Firefox/IE, but I found the most important thing was closing other things that I had running in a browser. Just having a Twitch stream open cut the game's speed in half for me.

Otherwise, this game is charming as hell. The pixel art is lovely and the gameplay is fun. Early levels do a good job introducing new mechanics organically. Impressive for a game made in such a short time frame. I understand the complaints about the player movement working in half-tiles, while most collision/mechanics work with the tiles - I think this is definitely sub-par, but I didn't find it to detract from the game too much.

My main complaint is that there's no WASD controls. Personally using the arrow keys is very awkward for me, possibly due to left-handedness or out of habit. Having WASD with attack/menu bound to other keys for the right hand would make this game waaay more playable for me.

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