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Next game in the works: Dandan's Super Fantasy Place

2016-07-03 02:04:32 by PeltastDesign

Hey everybody!  With my previous game "about-face" behind me I'm turning my attention to finishing up another project that has been collecting dust in the old code repository, and I thought I'd share what's in store.

It's another platformer that blends action/puzzle elements, but is intended to offer a longer experience and have higher production.  The core mechanic is centered around stealing the abilities of certain enemies, which will help you progress through each level.  It's clearly inspired by games like Kirby thematically, but will play out very differently in terms of design.

This is being made in Haxe/OpenFL, so it can target Flash and be played in-browser.  What I would like to do with this project is continuously upload versions as I add features/content, so I can get feedback on what works/doesn't work much sooner.  So, in the near future I'll be getting into the practice of uploading the newest version on Dumping Grounds and providing a link for anyone who is interested in trying it out!

Here's a peek into how the game looks/plays at the moment (hitboxes are shown for testing purposes):

Ability #1: Dash











Ability #2 Projectile


Ability #3: Launch


These are the only abilities planned and it's unlikely I'll add any more - it's really about creating as many unique challenges with the limited abilities that I have, and not just adding extra fluff.  In that sense it's similar to "about-face" - I'm focusing more on execution than premise. 

I've made a good amount of progress already, but there's a lot more I want to add to it.  Hopefully I'll have even more to show soon!


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2016-07-03 02:18:04

looks good man

PeltastDesign responds:



2016-07-03 18:19:14

Awesome. I'll be eagerly awaiting for this.


2016-07-04 03:28:06

Man I really Like Your concept man! I can See a big similarity of Kirby here...but this is the first time i see a game that is quite similar with Kirby...Keep going Mate!